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CRT is Avroy Shlain Cosmetics revolutionary flagship range of specialist anti-ageing treatments that have been scientifically researched and developed to help prevent, reduce and reverse the signs of premature ageing and skin damage.

CRT contains Accelerin III
- an exclusive biotechnological ingredient to assist the cell renewal process of the skin and provide unique anti-ageing benefits for a younger looking skin at every age.

The CRT range can be used in conjunction with any other skin care regimen, and is suitable for all skin types.

Tailor-make your own unique anti-ageing program with CRT - use the:

*  CRT Primary Treatments as your first step

*  the Daily Age Management products for everyday care

*  and choose from The Defined Anti-Ageing Treatments for personalised skin care to tackle your own specific
problem areas.

The Avroy Shlain CRT range has received testimonials from many very happy clients, ranging from those who have used the products for anti-ageing effects, for severe scarring from operations, acid burns, accident scars and for dry skin.

The testimonials can be viewed on the Avroy Shlain website.