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We are an independent Avroy Shlain distributor with more than 10 experience in door to door sales.

We have grown our sales venture technique to not only do door to door sales which had limitations to our customer satisfaction, we are now moving with latest digital trends and now selling Avroy Shlain online.

Avroy Shlain online distribution has been one of our best and ultimately decisions which is convenient for both us and our customers.

“Life has never been so much easier”

Our Customer can order from anywhere they are, we post and deliver door to door in Gauteng.

As Avroy Shlain online distributors, we aim to maintain a stock of products at competitive prices, offering consistent impeccable services that don’t leave our customers disappointed.

We hope to progressively through the efficiency of our distribution, by drawing new business partnerships and maintaining good customer relationships.

We put our customers first, constantly supplying them with a stock of a diverse range of Avroy Shlain perfumes and other cosmetics, satisfying their needs in due time, and profiting them as well.